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This is an Unofficial Janoskians Fan Site. I have no connections with any of the boys, family members or friends. Nor have I ever been in contact with the boys.

Janoskians on Today Tonight! 6.30pm on Channel 7!

Perth Meet and Greet photos up shortly!

Janoskians Break Through Artist! VOTE!

Melbourne Fans!




Brisbane Meet and Greet Photos!

Only going to be posting the photos of the guys, there a plenty more of the crowd and fans up on tage, and still more uploading from Strathpine. So make sure you check out http://www.facebook.com/WestfieldStrathpine/photos

Gold Coast Meet and Greet

Movie World meet and greet was amazing! Everyone was so calm and polite! Everyone got through to meet the guys today. Although we were not allowed photos, hugs or cameras at the table, some people did. I fourtunately got meet all 5 guys and they were so nice and not to mention good looking! I also met Gina Brooks and got a photo with her!


New Blog Videos This Week!

Sydney Day Trip!

They guys went to Sydney for a day trip to hang out. They met Reece Mastin and Johnny Ruffo. They were also signed yo Sony. Their first single is due to release in a month time. Make sure you pre-order your single by texting "JSK and YOUR name" to 193123.



QUEENSLAND Meet and Greet!

Less than a week to the Queensland Meet and Greets! Here is the info you need to know:

Gold Coast

Movieworld- 12.30pm -2.30pm
You must pay for entry into the park if over 13 ($80) under 13 ($50). This is only if you don't have a pass!


Strathpine Westfield- 12.30pm!

No More Teddy?

After Teddy posted a status about the Janoskians fans. It was announced by Jai that Teddy was no longer apart of Dare Sundays. The guys tried to contact Teddy about the come back video but he never replied.


Dare Sundays Back!

After nearly 3 months, they are back! But the video does not feature Teddy.

Awkward Train Situations Deleted?!

This morning (8/6/12) Awkward Train Situations was deleted by YouTube. After reaching over 2,000,000 views inching towards 3,000,000 views it was deleted, according to YouTube it was offensive to the public. Fans were going wild, as the 3 of the boys - Jai, Luke and James- were tweeting about how devastated they are. Only a few hours after celebrating 200,000 subscribers, their moods were brought down. Now fans are trying to help get views up on re-uploads from other accounts and trying to reach 2,000,000 notes a post on Tumblr which features a re-upload of the video!

Janoskians Hit 200,000 Subscribers!!

The boys are getting bigger by the minute. Fans watched as the number of subscribers went up tonight. Marking June 7th as the night they hit 200,000. The 7th has become a significant date to the guys as the grow bigger.

March 7th: 50,000 Subscribers

April 7th: 100,000 Subscribers

June 7th: 200,000 Subscribers


SYDNEY meet and greet photos now up!

Westfield Liverpool Meet and Greet!

Fans have been lining up since yesterday night, by 10am this morning crowd numbers were growing over 2000. The meet and greet is due to start in 20 minutes! Check back tonight for loads of pictures from the meet and greet!

Janoskians Touchdown in Sydney!

Sydney Fans Camping Out?

Janoskian fans have already started lining up for the Sydney meet and greet! Here is a couple shots of the group of girls!


Powerplay Promotions Presents The JANOSKIAN OZ MEET AND GREET
Sydney: Westfield Liverpool Centre Court 2nd June 12.30pm
Gold Coast: Warner Bros Movie World on 23rd June
Brisbane: Westfield Strathpine Centre Court 12.30 pm 24th June
Perth: Westfield Witford City 7th July
These are confirmed for first leg of tour remaining capital cities and NZ will be announced in a couple of week

A Day In The Life Of A Dysfunctional Family! New Video!

New Channel!

Luke and Jai have a made a channel where they will upload song covers!

And if you didn't know Luke has a personal youtube as well!

Photo and Video page have been updated!! Check it Out!

Official Website Up and Running!


Watch the guys on twitcam! + New video coming out tomorrow night. Get ready!!


Janoskians Tour!

So while the guys were on Hot 30, they announced the places they would be going to for meet and greets on their tour.

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Gold Coast
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • Melbourne

Make sure you keep a look out for exact dates, locations and times when they are announced!

Hot 30 + Twitcam!

Make sure you listen or watch the guys on Hot 30 twitcam/radio at 7.30pm EST!

If you missed it don't worry it was recorded so you can check it out!



Dare or Dare? New Video!

New Video! Lahme Song

Funny new video! One of Daniel's favourite songs!

Janoskians Feature In June Issue of Dolly Magazine!


NEW Video!

Watch this amazing new video, the guys talk about their journey to 100,000 subscribers. Luke did an amazing job editing so make sure you share it around!


Daniel Gets a Haircut!

Check out Daniel's new haircut that has girls drooling!

New Fan Mail Video! + Announcement


Janoskians Australian Tour?

So today Beau Brooks posted on his Facebook that him along with the 4 other Janoskians, have been sponsored to tour around Australia. Here is the Post!

Brooks Family Dog 'Lala' Gets Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lala/353188658067125
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/Lalathedog

It is not been confirmed that the Brooks brothers themselves set these two accounts for a laugh or if its fans.


Awkward Train Situations Reaches 1,000,000 Views!


Janoskians Hit 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!

Congratulations to the guys!

The Guys On The Today Show and Matt and Jo Show

So if any of you were unaware the guys got to be on the Today Show this morning and also on Fox Fm radio show Matt and Jo. Here is the video of the guys on Today Show, audio of the radio will be up soon!

Janoskians Feature Article in Age newspaper!

Subcribe to Herald Sun's website ( its free for 2 months so don't worry) and check out the interview with the guys!

Missed The News?

If you missed all of tonight's news featuring the Janoskians, here you go!
Channel 10:
Channel 7:
Channel: 9
A Current Affairs:

Janoskians On The News!

The guys posted on Facebook that they will be featured on Channel 7, 9 & 10 News tonight at 6pm followed by A Current Affairs on channel 9. And possibly will be featured on The Today Show. They also got a mention in the Age newspaper and featured in MX paper, so make sure you check that out! Andrew Theodore a friend of the boys posted on Facebook about how proud he is of his mates, picture below. Make sure your watching the news tonight!

Hot Hits Post About Meet and Greet!

Check out Hot Hits Live From L.A's post about the guys meet and greet!  http://www.thehothits.com/news/30289/janoskians-meet-and-greet-in-melbourne-gets-shut-down-by-the-police

Meet and Greet Cancelled Earlier Due To Crowd!

Luna Park and the Federal Police have shut down the first official Meet and Greet of the Janoskians in Melbourne today due to safety concerns. It is expected that over 6,000 people attended the meet and greet.
Social Network is a buzz right now with disappointment. However this had to be done for the safety of everyone at Luna Park.

Beau Brooks via Facebook said: “just a handful. We are so so sorry we did not get to see all of you, Luna Park and the federal police closed down the park due to to many people. we would have stayed all night if it was up to us. love you all, we will be touring more of Australia hopefully in the future”

Daniel Sahyounie via Facebook said: “sorry everyone that went to Luna park today :( got shut down due to the police -.- Sorry to whoever missed out you will see us soon, we love you all ♥”

Jai Brooks via Facebook said: “Hey guys unfortunately, due to the large amount of people the meet and greet has been shut down! Over 6000 people came, unbelievable! Sorry to those people who missed out but there’s nothing we can do :( ”

We all know that it wasn’t your fault guys … Keep up the great videos and do not get discouraged … You just need a bigger place to hold your greets.
Check out this video footage of the crowd at Luna Park.

Beau and Jai attend Eletric Carnival!


James and Mimmi On Ustream!

Tonight on Ustream session James and Mimmi announced and answered questions about the Meet and Greet. They were then taken over by Luke and a few of his mates, one including Tyla. Missed the Ustream? Check out the recordings!  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/janoskians

Meet and Greet Details Released!


Janoskians Hit Over 80,000 Likes!


NEW VIDEO! Janoskians VS. Wild

This weeks new video is a mockumentry of man vs. wild. This video features the three Brooks brothers and also Daniel Sahyounie. The video follows Jai and Beau as they try to survive in the "wild". Daniel is featured as an easter bunny and Luke as spider man in a childs spiderman outfit!

Brooks Brothers Special Host On The Loud Show Tonight!

Tonight Beau Brooks posted on his Facebook the details of the three brothers being special hosts on the Loud Show- Electric Carnival Special. 

Dare Sundays!

This weeks Dare Sunday video features Teddy and the Brooks Brother, but only Luke, Jai and Beau take on the challenge. The challenge this week was "Blood and Guts". It included raw: ox tongue, dog food, cow heart and cow lungs. The guys took on the challenge using paper, scissors, rock to determine who would go first, then spun a bottle to decide which "food" they would eat first. 

NEW VIDEO! Brooks Brother Fighting Each Other


70,000 Subcribers!

In almost 2 weeks the guys have gotten 20,000+ subscribers! With a little publicity help from Hot Hits L.A with their article, Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber's manager) tweeting Ellen DeGeneres and also being mentioned on numerous radio shows the guys views and subcribers have rocketed. So Congratulations Boys!

Janoskians Upload New Video

Tonight the guys uploaded a new video called Awkward Elevator Situations. But shortly after had set the video to "private". Beau and James announced on Facebook that tomorrow (22/03/2012) the video would be re-uploaded in better quality!

COMING SOON: Photos and Video Pages!


Janoskians Hit 70,000+ Likes On Facebook!

Since uploading their celebration video for 50,000 subscribers with a music video of Call Me Maybe by Carly-Rae Jepsen, the guys have now reached 68,000+ subscribers and 70,000+ likes on their official Facebook page!

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